Did the light blink?

You think it’s there, but it isn’t. Look what technology has done to me!

From the corner of my eye I saw a tiny baby pink spot on my mobile phone blink. I swear I saw it. That meant someone whatsapped me. Yay! Now that’s a reason enough to fling aside the novel that was supposed to have a death grip on me. Right? After all, it could be my favourite girlfriend sharing the latest shade on her talons. Urgent, isn’t that?

So the novel gave way and I quickly grabbed my phone to check what’s up…okay…whatsapp. Nothing. Can you believe it, no message. Continue reading


Pigeon brain

What’s pigeon brain? I used to relate it with something dumb, and short spanned. And I even had my reasons neatly laid out in front of me for this one. Dumb because I’ve seen pigeons getting stuck in places from where they can’t get out. Not on their own at least. And looking at them would make you wonder why the wretched bird squeezed itself in there in the first place. Short spanned because my brother said so while offering an explanation to their dumbness. He said, “Maybe they remember things for only six seconds, like fishes. That’s why they keep getting stuck at the same place.” It sounded familiar. Then, one day I found myself in a situation. It was a place that I had reached after months of struggle, flapping and kicking; a place from where I couldn’t get out. At least, not till someone pulled me out. What’s more, the place even looked familiar! I realized a pigeon-brained would’ve empathized with me.

Now, when I look at pigeons, I still consider them dumb. Yup, just like the rest of us. Short-spanned, again, just like most of us.

I hate writing props!!

There are certain things I just can’t ignore. I have to set them right so that my life is more peaceful. Take the case of my personal computer. Its blinking blue light won’t let me sit in peace until I turn it off. So if in the midst of a passionate love-affair with my words,  sitting far away from dear PC (Personal Computer and not Piggy Chops, mind you) I realise that I’ve left it blinking then I should conveniently choose to ignore it, right? I can’t! I have to leave my words half way, pick my mighty ass and walk over to that wretched computer to switch it completely off. And while on my way back I wonder if I am bordering a compulsive disorder of sorts.

While at this topic, there is something else that catches my attention too – the need to write on my laptop. I have no issues working (as in working for money) on any computer in the world, but if I have to write for the love of it, it’s only my laptop that can fulfill the needs. And please, don’t you swell with pride at this passionate attatchment. It’s pretty frustrating. Trust me, it is. When I sit at my personal computer and an inspiration strikes, I have to switch off my PC (and you know how important it is to switch it off completely) and settle with my laptop. Till the time am over with the process a part of the inspiration is already chipped. How absurd! A computer can very well serve as a tool – and sometimes I think it’s better than a laptop because it has an internet connection – but no, it’s not good enough for my egoistic words. I am hoping that my dependency on such things stop right there and I don’t graduate to having a cup of coffee beside me as a compulsion when I write.

It’s these writing websites. They are the culprits. Writing has been so pathetically glorified that I need to be in a state of unhealthy comfort, with unnecessary props around me just to be able to coax the words to come out on the keyboard. Where are the days when just a diary and pen were sufficient? The excuse I have for that one is that my thoughts flow too fast. And am unable to keep up with the flow armed with just a pen. And hence, the keyboard. The excuse for laptop is that I need to sit comfortably on my bed so that the inspiration flows, a formal chair and table on which my personal computer is perched won’t do. Well, to tell you frankly, these are just excuses. Yes, I know that. If I really want to write, I know I will tear a paper from its nearest source, snatch a pen from my neighbour and write my way to satisfaction. Make me do that you websites with word-prompts, and I promise you will have a best-seller!

One millimeter

I didn’t have any clinical symptoms that pointed to ‘something wrong’. Like, there was no depression, no lack of interest, no desire to die; none of these had really manifested themselves strongly in me. Although, I couldn’t deny that traces of all these were somewhere hidden in the corners of my being. So, am I supposed to be worried? Is it not healthy to experience all types of emotions, however negative they might seem to be? Well, maybe not.

I laugh a lot, play, crack jokes, complete articles, enter corrections, exercise, and even diet. I can somewhat safely say that I am almost happy. Although, that one millimeter of distance to reach complete happiness still remained. But here’s something I need to say – I momentarily experienced complete bliss yesterday.

I was travelling in a local train, from one deserted station to another. I was totally alone with my set of emotions. Monsoon air was blowing my hair as I looked out at the world passing by, a world that couldn’t touch me for that one moment. In a local train compartment that was meant to be public, I shared a private moment with myself. It cleared my head, gave my thoughts some breathing space, and within a few minutes my mind had been serviced. It’s such a surprise to find happy moments unexpectedly. That afternoon I truly felt myself in complete solitude. Finally, I had managed to walk that one millimeter of distance.

Sticky time!

Its sticky notes all over the place, or at least you would like it that way. It’s such a task to remember those irritatingly small details that you keep forgetting all the time. A world where you look up and find instructions about what was this hour planned for will be oh-so-lovely.

So what is stopping you from creating that world? You can do it, right now, right from the place you are reading this. The only necessary object you need is a pen.

Step 1

While I was introducing you to this topic, did you remember something, a task, write it down on the periphery of this article. Oh! You are reading this on you lappy? Well, then open notepad and jot down the task. I know it’s a tedious task to deviate when I am talking about something so crucial, but do it, I will wait here till you come back.

Step 2

Done? So now that you have jotted down that task or that story idea somewhere safe, we can proceed. And I know that apart from jotting it at that place, you have also created a strong impression in your memory. But still, continue reading.

Step 3

You are on your way to glory! Yes. There is nothing much to step three. Just a revision of the fact (and the act) that you need to jot down the task wherever and whenever you remember it. Don’t keep it hanging in the air along with the promises of returning to it when the time comes’. Because whenever the time comes, you will have a hard time searching for that fact in the air.

Step 4

It’s time to collate. At the end of the day when you see yourself surrounded with small words peeping out from newspaper corner, magazines, wall (maybe if you are not a cleanliness freak), kitchen counter, pc, sit down and collect them all. Write all of them down on a piece of paper. You will realize so many of them would’ve slipped your attention had you not written them down. And if a thought has really managed to slip your attention even now, don’t worry, you will find it sooner or later under the table or between the cushions.

The loser writer’s block

What is the matter with me?? Whenever I decide to sit and begin blogging again, this stupid writer’s block strikes. When I think I should start working on my book, it strikes again! And when, tired of the efforts, I think, let me at least complete my article, Voila! it strikes yet again.

So, now I’ve decided to have a one-to-one with whoever this loser writer’s block it. “See! I’ve written one paragraph already, you think you can stop me? Try!! I challenge you.” There’s silence in reply. So I guess the jerk has already given up. So now, let me begin by writing about what I think is crucial to my life.

Errrr….. ummmm….. actually…. Sigh! And the block strikes again. 😦